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321SexChat Review

321SexChat is a free chat site that lets you talk to people from all over the world. You don’t need an email address to sign up. All you have to do is pick a screen name and you’re free to use the site all you want. There are a lot of bots to deal with, but there are also more real people than you’d typically find on a free chat site. You’re much more likely to get into a real conversation here than on most of the others. 321 Sex Chat is all organized into specific rooms to talk about what you enjoy. You can also join as a VIP member to get access to special features.

The BDSM chat room is where you can spend a lot of time with real people. It seems to be the room with the smallest number of chat bots using it. There users are well-versed in the world of BDSM and they love to talk about it. The main goal of most people seems to be finding someone to have a real relationship with. They use the chat site as a way to meet up with people and see if they get along in real life. It’s a great alternative to using dating sites.

The 321SexChat site is decently designed, but it takes some getting used to. You’ll have to look around to figure out how to move between rooms. It’s not obvious until you start clicking around. It tends to keep the spammers in one room so the real chatters can make their way around and talk to each other in peace. You can set your status to being online or away if you just want to read what other people are saying. It’s worth a look if you’re tired of using traditional dating sites and want to talk to people in real time.

No email address required to chat
Chat in public or through private messages
BDSM chat room lets you talk about any kink you want

Tons of bots sending you messages
Site is difficult to navigate
Video ads constantly playing on all pages

321 Sex Chat is a decent chat site that’s free to use and easy to sign up for. All you need to do is pick your screen name and you’re off and running. You can also choose to pay for VIP access and use special features while your name gets sent to the top of the chat list. The BDSM chat room is filled with people who really enjoy fetish and kink talk. It’s a good alternative to traditional dating sites. Most users are interested in meeting up in real life, instead of just talking. It’s worth checking out.

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